Why I write

If you ask me why I write,
I'll tell you why I write.

Writing is how I cope through the hardest of times,
writing is how I survived a childhood not mine,
writing is how I kept strong when I was feeling down.

When I had noone and nothing else,
I could write down my worries, thoughts and fears,
Also write my pain away and write about a place
much further away.
I could write about happiness, flowers, love and trees,
I could write about everything I will always need,
but never received.

When I was scared, angry, sad and alone,
no comfort was shown,
I wrote in my journal or made a poem,
only thing to keep me from gone.

I needed so much more,
I never got.
I needed comfort,
I never had.
So I wrote for myself,
for my life and my pride.

If I didn't write for myself,
who would write for me then?
Maybe I wouldn't still be,
here on earth as I am.
I write to survive,
I write to live,
If I don't write,
where am I then?
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Why I write

Pernille Augustson

Pernille Augustson

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