Gravely glad

I love the spring

Life after death

And the flowers’ sweet ringin’

It’s just too bad

That my mind stays in winter

Keeping me in grave

And tearing my soul to splinter

Still, this corpse of mine

Truly loves the spring

Time for new regrets

And the morningbirds’ singin’
Se neste verk: Dikt, uten navn

Gravely glad

Inri magine

Inri magine

1 år siden (461 besøk)


  • Hanne Kolstø

    1 år siden


    Awesome. Keep up the good work!

    • But I´m not that fan of the title "Gravely glad".
      Can´t help thinking that it would be cool to call it "Life after death" and remove the sentence from the poem. But this is up to you to figure out.
      Just remember that the main title is just as important as the poem/text itself.

    Look forward to your next piece.

    Hanne (mentor)

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