En gjeng med surrealistiske dikt

geometrical setup babbling dishonestly with the devil extremist aquarium, our handler combats amazingly

my   astronaut.
I had a firstborn flood!
There was a fatal beholder.
Things harness flickered the bike elephants.

Carnal knowledge goes beyond cargo raster
the crucifix screams «fresh fanatic sprites»
said the amoebic nurse

Saint said «dizzy rassling from the rose» the american divorce is famous for the cosmonauts bully concert

The archers perfume smelled like hunger and floral analytical germs.
But near the teeth I saw an adequate aftershock

My perilous glass architect talked about an abnormal divorce atrocity which was as captivating as a hounds lick shocking
Blacklists are absently afraid of the winter.
Diabolic providers of amoeba are  on the mountain, creating some existing protection

The bleeding doom is both hollow and extortive.
Charts with goggles use chalk and ceramics for their boutique, thought to be cognitive

I felt an anonymous flinch, and a tongue below the edge.
Guide my position away from this chronological doom.
Take me to freedom.

My western, cuddly, frustration propelled a frying twin from our chilly heritage into someones vinyl of misshapen.

The healing kingdom with a loss of primates is back in the actuality, with an alligator who has a circuitry foul bigmouth, which is wery grainy for someone of his kin.

Have I met your selfish kangaroo?

The earth is a boulevard of biology.

Haywire has doomed the fallout paradise of the compassionate colt.
He said «blurb ankh», and introduced me to his operatic twin carnies.

patients are the automatons murderers, and their forgery is quite adequate. They ought to have used a helmet, but instead they repeated their ageless and drowsy encryption.

Her circuit runs in the wilderness and ensures the domination of charm.
My blunt sauce is the opposition, and our ammunition makes crabbing easier.

His finger exposed his weirdo wishes.
I thought he was a hunk, a mindless, perilous man with an estate that ensured a fracture of the necessary production.

Spiders have the largest hipbones, even bigger than the ones of a horse!
Their charismatic gifted grim, makes fall beat the constant cluster.
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En gjeng med surrealistiske dikt

Emilie Celius

Emilie Celius

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