With the stars, I collide

Please, give me some time
I swear I’ll be fine

I love solitude,
sitting quietly in my room
My favorite company is the moon

She knows all my secrets,
I trust her with my heart
Only she is allowed to watch me fall apart

The nights are the worst,
solitude turns to loneliness
And although I’m usually happy
There’s a bitter emptiness

Pounding in my chest,
robbing me of my sleep
It almost makes me dream of a steep cliff,
to take the leap

The pain, you see, is not just in my head
It’s in my very soul,
which makes me wish I was dead

Doesn’t mean I wanna kill myself,
quite the contrary
I wanna live a full life,
however temporary

But it’s not easy fighting my own brain every day,
my thoughts are running wild
and my feelings are hard to keep at bay

I fight myself to stay alive even though I’m tired
I just wanna feel my heart ignite,
like my skin and souls on fire

Instead I feel drowsiness and restlessness alike
A restlessness to end my pain,
a drowsiness I hide

If I let it show, it won’t be hard for you to see
I don’t want to live my life,
I just want to be free

From all the pain and emptiness I deeply feel inside,
to cease upon the midnight and with the stars collide.
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With the stars, I collide

Lisa Østern

Lisa Østern

4 måneder, 3 uker siden (59 besøk)


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