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Søk om residens i regionen Puglia, Italia for å arbeide i et særegent kunstprosjekt sentrert rundt utfordringene regionen står overfor etter at bakterien Xylella fastidiosa utryddet hele plantasjer med oliventrær. Unge kunstnere i alderen 18-35 år har anledning til å søke om plass.

Hvis du blir valgt ut til å delta, vil Trafo, Bjcem og regionen Puglia dekke reise og opphold. Følgende uttrykk er velkommen til å søke: performance / sceniske uttrykk, skrivende, fortellere, filmskapere, kunstnere fra visuelle uttrykk, designere og kunstnere som arbeider med land art / offentlige kunstprosjekt.

Søknadsfrist 15.juli 2018.

Residency program in Puglia, October 8th-19th, 2018

SELECTION NOTICE | DEADLINE JULY 15 2018, 8 pm (Italian time)

The International Association BJCEM - Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée and Puglia Region promote the special project LandXcapes, dedicated to the changes suffered by the territory of Puglia due to the epidemic breakout of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, which has affected entire plantations of olive trees in the Region.

LandXcapes is a multidisciplinary cultural project of integrated enhancement of the identity and heritage of Salento, through the language of art, storytelling and landscape. The Provinces of Brindisi, Lecce, and Taranto have been stricken by Xylella scourge, and have now to deal with their identities. Art becomes therefore a tool of reflection and sharing of a fragile moment, linked in a substantial (and anthropological) way to the future life of the Salento territory. Art as a meeting point of two worlds: the productive one, and the cultural one. In the middle there is the territory, the landscape, a legacy to be delivered to future generations.

LandXcapes wants to give back to the public, through art and poetic narratives of the places, the sense of the transformation (voluntary and involuntary) of the landscape, in a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial approach.

Within the general project there is a program of artistic residences, aimed at the production of artworks, coming from different disciplines (Performance, Storytelling, Design, Video/Photography, Public art/Land art, Painting/Sculpture), to be developed in a rural and naturalistic background. Artworks able to research and experiment new forms of expression, as well as enhance the cultural exchange with national and international realities, strengthening the cultural bonds and the internationalization of the cultural offer of Puglia. These creative and productive workshops will take place, in the form of artistic residencies, in six different parks of Salento (Parco Dune Costiere - Ostuni; Parco Torre Guaceto – Brindisi; Parco Otranto/Leuca – Otranto; Parco Litorale di Ugento - Ugento; Parco Porto Selvaggio - Gallipoli; Litorale Tarantino - Manduria), and will be coordinated by professional tutors. At the end of the residency there will be public presentations of the results in the same places that hosted the researches. A final public event will then be hosted by the Sigismondo Castromediano Museum of Lecce.

The artists selected for the residency program will be guided by experienced tutors in the indicated disciplines and will be able to visit the places affected by the Xylella, as well as meet with farmers, olive producers, inhabitants of the affected areas, academics and researchers. The works of the artists will take place on the spot, in the territories chosen for each of the artistic disciplines indicated in the call. During the residences, the artists will compare themselves with the territory and the territory will give back the artistic action produced as site specific. The selection of artists will range between various artistic disciplines: performers, writers, storytellers, videomakers, visual artists, cultural researchers and designers will address the theme from different points of view, considering also the different cultural background of each of them. This would therefore be a way to explain and raise awareness on what is happening at Euro Mediterranean level in relation to the protection and promotion of the landscape.

This Call is open to the following disciplines: Performance, Storytelling, Design, Video/photography, Public art/Land Art, Visual art (picture/sculpture). Tutors are presented below.


Artists between the ages of 18 and 35 can participate to this call.

Group applications are not admitted, but only individual candidates.

The call is open to the following disciplines: Performance | Storytelling | Design | Video/Photography | Public art/Land art | Visual art (painting/sculpture)

To check the list of countries for which the call is open, please visit the following website: http://www.bjcem.org/landxcapes/ and follow the instructions for submitting your candidature, using the available application form.

This call is also open to artists who have already participated in other BJCEM projects, as long as they meet the required requirements.

Participation is free. No fee will be paid for participation.

Selection procedures
To participate to this call it is mandatory to send the following documents, in English or Italian:

The application form filled in all its parts. It can be DOWNLOADED at the following link http://www.bjcem.org/landxcapes/

  • CV
  • Portfolio (max 6 MB)
  • Motivational Letter (max. 1 page)

All the documents shall be sent to application@bjcem.org not later than July 15th 2018, at 8 pm Italian time.

Project tutors will evaluate CV, portfolio and motivational letter, to establish adherence to one of the proposed disciplines.

Up to 10 artists per discipline will be selected.

The names of the selected artists will be published at the following link: http://www.bjcem.org/landxcapes/

Trafo.no ledes av Fluks - Senter for ung kunst og kultur ved Fakultet for kunstfag, Universitetet i Agder. Fluks er partner i BJCEM-nettverket.