Start Over

(..en tekst som ble en sang. Kan høres live på NRK P2 radio "Spillerom" mandag 26.01.2014 streamet her m/intro:  )

Fire showers my shoulders
Ice wrapped around my knees
Heavy clouds in my eyeballs
A foreign desert in my throat
The strongest magnet keeps my teeth tight
And all my words keep running way out of sight
And all the lights shinin' at me
The all turned gray with irony

   Can I start over, again?
   Can I start over, again?
   Just skip the fear and skip the pain
   Can I start over, again?

My feet are burning
My head soaked
A hurricane is roaring throughout my brain
I keep thinking easy, I keep thinking white
But down I go to all but bright

   Can I start over, again ...

How many times have I done this now?
Started over with a promising vow
No stab, no wound, just a scar
And did I not even get very far
When my fingers bleed and my voice is gone
Damn it all, life does not last too long

  Can I start over, again ...
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Start Over

Signe Eide

Signe Eide

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