People like you

People like you
Have left me insecure,

But does it really make you better?

I bet it doesn't,
So what's the point?
Why crush an innocent soul
For a minute of superiority?
It fades away as fast as your own happiness,
But the scar you give away never fades
It stays put forever,
Never forgotten,
Never fully healed,
Always a reminder,
Always a weak spot.

People like you,
Never think,
Just act...
People like you,
Took away my smile,
Brought me to tears every night,
Did it ever cross your mind that your words kill?
Kill every little ounce of joy that was left
Kills it all
Do you love to watch me die in silence?
You know I'll never scream
I won't even whisper

The truth is,
You probably never knew,
Never realized,
Never saw the hell you put me through
You couldn't see past your own pain
You just murdered a little girl

You murdered her shot at a normal life,
Thought pattern,
Ability to trust,
To love,
To feel,
To listen to herself
Did you forget?
Do you even know?

It's still imprinted within me,
In every inch of me,
From head to toe,
I'll never forget...
What hurts the most,
Is that you've probably forgotten,
You probably never gave me a second thought,
While it's with me year after year,
Isn't it clear?

A young girl,
And you made her dead,
Before she even started to live...
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People like you

Pernille Augustson

Pernille Augustson

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