November 2058

Frida Feline Nilsen
Frida Feline Nilsen
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▼Music Composed, Arranged, Performed and Produced by Frida Feline
▼English Lyrics written by Steffen Wallace
▼French Lyrics by Frida Feline
▼Mastering Engineer - Professor Stretch

This song can be classified as a dark and moody science fiction score. I have collected inspiration especially from Vangelis' Science Fiction composition for the film "Blade Runner" (1982) and Johann Johannsson's composition for the movie "Arrival" (2016). Synthetic retro- futuristic robot voices have been recorded at home with an analog gadget called the “Vocal Transformer" (VT-3) and a dynamic SM58 microphone. These “polite” and cold fascist orders of "robot" voices help to reinforce the feeling of dystopia.

We are now in a period where technology has taken a big leap, and it is left to the imagination to figure out how it will develop further. This is something that has left traces in me and therefore I chose to compose a song dedicated to a retro futuristic society.