I am everything
and I am nothing.
I am endless.
I am desolation.
I smart and dumb.
I am sweet and a bitch.
I am happy and melancholic.
I am all these things and I am none of these things.
I’m a poet and a writer.
I’m both and neither.
I contradict myself a lot.
I’m being pulled in all directions and I don’t know where to go.
I don’t know how to identify myself.
I am the ocean, deep, steadfast, wild and fearless.
I am a feather, fragile, small, easy to crumble and hard to notice.
I’m adaptable but I hate change.
I’m an introvert but I like to be the centre of attention.
I’m outgoing but I want you to leave me alone.
I wanna be good and I wanna be bad.
I try to build myself up but I keep knocking myself down.
I hate myself but I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else.
I am the earth, with all her colours, curves, crooked paths, deep forests, endless beaches and narrow streets.
I am space, endless, overwhelming, feared and forever expanding.
I am everything. Growing, learning, adapting. Glowing, screaming, loving, hating. Scratching, kicking, hugging. Reading, running, dancing, acting.

I am nothing.

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Lisa Østern

Lisa Østern

11 måneder siden (157 besøk)


  • Maya Økland

    10 måneder, 3 uker siden

    Fin tekst som sier mye om livet. Liker at du bruker engelsk siden det gir det et internasjonalt aspekt og på en måte oppleves som mer universelt. Kanskje det hadde fungert som en låt?

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